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Touchstone aims to list all Shakespeare-related activity in the UK. Please contact us at or 0121 414 9525 if you have information that should be listed.

Shakespeare and Anachronism. KiSSiT (Kingston Shakespeare Seminar in Theory) one-day conference, Rose Theatre, Kingston, 18 February 2017. Speakers include: Professor Tiffany Stern, Dr Erik Roraback.

We look forward to paper proposals discussing various aspects of Shakespearean drama, performance or theorisation, characterised by anachronistic aspects such as:

 Theorisation: Presentism vs ‘the levers of form’ (Kiernan Ryan)

 1. ‘The Globe phenomenon’: aspects of anachronism of Elizabethan/Jacobean working theatre reconstructions and their use – their cultural, institutional, artistic, etc.

2. Theatre production: ‘updating’ vs ‘meshing’ of time periods (modernising today vs the Elizabethan use of ‘modern dress’); costume, set and possible performance/interpretative effects

3. Thematic: purposeful anachronism as creative tool of playwrights’ composition

4. Methodologies of reflection and analysis: ad hoc vs post hoc – practice-as-research in performance (PaR) vs discursive forms of criticism

5. The relationship of the plays to their historical time as e.g. political interventions/anachronistic theatricalisation of politics and culture in Early Modern times (such as HenryVIII’s jousting)

Please submit abstracts and brief CVs by emailing the organizers at before January 30, 2017.

Offensive Shakespeare conference Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK 24 May 2017 Sponsored by the British Shakespeare Association. Keynote speakers: Prof. Douglas Lanier (University of New Hampshire) Dr Peter Kirwan (Nottingham University). Call for papers.

Please submit abstracts to Monika Smialkowska ( or Edmund King ( by 15 February 2017.   To register, visit

Before Shakespeare. University of Roehampton, 24 - 27 August 2017. Exploring the first three decades of the London playhouses c. 1565-95. Call for papers will follow soon. For more information see or email


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