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About the Project


Touchstone Database: Collection Level Description

The Touchstone database will comprise collection level descriptions for significant Shakespeare collections in participating libraries. Descriptions will concentrate on defined collections rather than individual items, except on occasions where a rare or extremely important item is relevant to consideration of the collection as a whole.

The scope of the database will include:

  • Printed and audio-visual collections
  • Archives and special collections
  • Electronic resources.

Selecting collections to describe will depend on relevance to Shakespeare studies. Unique collections – including archives and special collections will be included if they include any elements relevant to Shakespeare studies. Printed, audio-visual, and electronic collections will be restricted to those where Shakespeare is the primary focus.

RSLP Collection Description schema developed by UKOLN will be used and the database supported by the University of Birmingham. At all stages, Touchstone will adhere to recognized standards to ensure the data can be incorporated to any future collaborative ventures.

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